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  ten yuan shopping Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Although the eight Central regulations zebra 2844 stop public gives a present the wind, but still common in parts of the city of high-grade gift recycling, recovery of tobacco, wine, relatively high-grade health care products such as physical, relatively hidden shopping card, recovery delivery tickets more popular. (May 6th, people.com.cn)

Recovery of high-end gifts, the general is not on the table - underground transactions, also have high-grade gift shop recycling special, "recovery of tobacco, wine, gift cards, Cordyceps, bird's nest", to sell high-end gifts and back, again by the high-grade gift shop selling out, forming a circle, and even the formation of the recycling industry chain, which exposed the problem can not but thought-provoking.

High-end gifts, just as its name implies, buyers to buy more is to give gifts. The high-end gift recycling shop customers should provide the recipient, who will be high-grade gift at a price below the market price sold to a recycling shop? It seems that only those received gifts too much,wall storage units akf252dfe they cannot consumption, even no place to pile of man. If you often visit the gift shop recycling are government officials, it should be vigilant.

High-grade gift recovery actually formed the industrial chain, while accepting gifts of frequent, especially in the eleven new year's day, Spring Festival, the Mid-Autumn Festival, during the festival. China is a human society, once let the rot was put on the "human" coat, let the sender under the guise of solar term openly give expensive gifts, but also allow the recipient to tacit frankly accept, bound for the trading power for money "hide self-deception" type. But then how to cover the essence can not escape the transaction, many officials corruption is often from accepting gifts start. Even some officials received the gift, is actually a disguised form of bribery,Food labelas a female clerk told reporters: "now we recycle is the largest shopping card, a customer once sold me ten yuan shopping card."

High-grade gift recycling industry chain, shrewd businessmen are sold and bought in to make enough money, but also to the recipient provides real liquidity channel, is both enrichment. Should see, that sold and bought, exposed the gift of public funds and other undesirable practices exist, exposed the existence of trading power for money, a wake up to our construction of a clean and honest government. Seems to strengthen the education of Party members and cadres, improve supervision system, establish and improve the power in the cage of the system is to cut the twisted interests chain at.

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  daily life Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

In daily life, many people like to eat white rice, especially in some towns of the masses, but often to eat white rice on our health is not a good thing, after research often eat flour will increase the risk of diabetes: Often eat refined rice will let you speed up near diabetes White rice may increase the incidence of type 2 diabetes mellitus. " British Medical Journal " published in the March 15th, a survey of 350000 people, followed up for 4 - 22 years of research shows: Asians every day more than intake of 3 two polished white rice, the incidence of diabetes is increased by 11%; eat rice maximum and minimum in 55%, increased risk of diabetes. White rice to high intake areas caused by the impact can not be ignored. Harvard University School of public health researchers on four published research results are analyzed, the 4 studies in mainland China, Japan, Australia and the United States of. In two Asian countries, the research object on average 3 to 4 copies of uptake of rice, and two western countries research object of only 1 to 3 copies a week uptake in rice. The results showed, in China and Japan conducted study found, rice intake of most people the odds of developing type 2 diabetes, than the intake the fewest people high in 55%; as for the rice consumption in the United States and Japan than the Australian rice intake, most people with type 2 diabetes mellitus attacks, to at least one than the intake of high 12%. This is because, at present a lot of countries eat rice, its smooth appearance mainly through the machine shell and grinding to obtain, but the grain starch. In contrast, brown rice than white rice contains more fiber, magnesium and vitamin, and low glycemic index. The glycemic index is a measure of the sugar content as an indicator. The researchers pointed out, still need to " white rice and risk of type 2 diabetes " linkages to do further research, and should remain as everyone knows by high glucose and high fat diet on Tabu list. Through the above article we know, often to eat white rice on our health has a kind of hurt, hope these can cause everybody's attention, in order to we health must be as long as our diet.

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  TX people Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Hydropower has just begun, a lot of problems.

Balcony window installation fearful mess plastic bag manufacturer, should use 6 in 4 are used in design, it is China fir board, the foreman said are blockboard, cement to me most hold back foot, sand does not know which made, even expanse is too poor quality. The fire sent several times, and later a friend husband know it, just give me a call, tell me, and certainly not the foreman decoration.

Think back and forth to oneself, decided to stop cooperation.

Therefore, designers and foreman's true colours exposed.

First off, dragging me a week later LED manufacturer dab3d12ck, the foreman to throw me a 2W bill.

My house is what state? The kitchen wall and ground brick knocked down the toilet only knock metope, ground of not moving, living room with brick knocked out, advocate lie the wardrobe down. Steel window all lost, with color steel window, balcony wall knocked out, balcony brick wall did not move, give me a ring of masonry bricks, cement powder.

The house threw a 5 roll of wire, and did not finish, only 2 days.

In total, started to be fully prepared to end, is 6 days, you can imagine that can have many flower heads, my house construction area of only 66 square.

The 2W bill Vitamins haircare, which 1W credential is obviously false, and 1W is handwritten number money, no certificate. There are 3000 pieces of his coming out of their wages. Take us not to pay attention, the foreman slipped.

This is good, the very next day at the construction site to the bill, the results, the very next day, we waited for a morning without people don't pick up the phone, mobile phone. Play designer phone shutdown. So, I know, my money to fetch water float.

Later contacts, the result is, I admit that this bill, the remaining 1W9 also I, otherwise ... Not otherwise, I can only admit, this man I don't know, is a designer, but unfortunately, now when nothing like the designer, when the shutdown shutdown. Acquaintance took tremendous effort to return to the 1W9, the middle of my grievances will not say, your hard-earned money to the radical point, also be sprayed.

Afterwards, I'm designer phone, designer euphemism said, he is very busy, he didn't know it, and I give you a fax number, you have a look to the bill, then, evaporated.

Unsurprisingly, and fantastic.

Here, advice to the decoration of the TX people, first of all, for decoration team looking for local people, at least the foreman is the local people, at least, take your money evaporate probability is much smaller ( two cheats a is a of North Jiangsu is the Anhui).

Secondly, don't feel shy to do the whole procedures of acquaintances would. This clearly written and some are written to understand, or once a dispute, rights are difficult.

Again, not a paid too much money. The main materials to buy their own, artificial segmented section, will reduce the risk to a minimum.ly practice electrical quantity, reasonable power plug placement, and have a number of Daiyong plug, to facilitate the expansion.

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 work experience Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

This year "3 summer" during the largest air quality rate of up to 96.8%

The reporter learned from the city environmental protection departments, this year "3 summer " straw ( May 21st to June 20th),Water slide the peak of the city air quality is good, the excellent and good rate was 96.8%, in which the level of stay of 19 days ( 61.3%), straw burning phenomenon of large area basically eliminated, did not appear due to straw burning caused by poor air quality phenomenon. At the same time, along with the straw Jinshao work of propaganda and education of environmental awareness has been continuously strengthened, farmer rises significantly, straw Jinshao has gradually become the conscious action of most farmer.

It is understood, in early May of this year, the City Environmental Protection Bureau issued on 2012 " straw Jinshao checks and inspections work notice ", requiring the district to straw Jinshao work. In " 3 summer" during,Plastic wood the city's environmental protection system, set out the law enforcement personnel of more than 700 people, the built up area, surrounding the airport, highway, railway, highway along the route and other key regional inspection, and the use of satellite remote sensing technique to the monitoring of straw fire point. Requirements towns, village on the area of burning straw covering all inspection, found signs to stop burning.

At the same time, in conjunction with the Expo straw incineration and comprehensive utilization of work experience, the municipal development Stadium seating and Reform Commission jointly with city farming appoint, City Financial Bureau, the municipal environmental protection bureau make print and distribute " about the city to promote the comprehensive utilization of the crop straws implementation plan ", the mechanization of straw returning and comprehensive utilization for financial subsidies.

According to the city farming appoint preliminary statistics, this year "3 summer " of two wheat crop straw return ratio of not less than 80%, effective from the source to reduce the straw burning condition.

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 fuel consumption Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

In the face of the industry problems Plastic wood, Yutong creatively developed with engine start-stop function of hybrid power system technology, at one stroke to capture the hybrid bus universal energy difference, lack of stability problems. The system of technical advantage in, it can vary according to the driving condition of the flexible use of the engine and the motor, in order to obtain the maximum rate of fuel. Its working principle, Yutong new energy bus academic leader Dr. Peng Nengling made a vivid explanation, " we r & D products is a kind of intelligent system, it will auto originally in idle speed, braking, coasting waste energy recovery, into electrical energy, participate in drive car, rather than simply using electric motor auxiliary drive means to reduce the oil consumption of the engine. "

Dr. Peng Nengling said Plastic woods, Yutong hybrid electric vehicle energy recovery technology for oil saving rate of contribution in 15% to 20%, and general hybrid energy recovery contributes only 5% to 10%, at the same time Yutong unique engine start-stop technology can bring about 15% of the saving rate, which would guarantee the actual line more than 30% fuel saving effect of. He also pointed out that, hybrid vehicle is the biggest challenge facing the battery system has high cost, short service life, frequent replacement problem. In order to control the vehicle cost, Yutong developed super capacitors, batteries can be recycled more than 1000000 times, achieve the battery and vehicle with life.

For more practical Plastic woods ltd effect to win customers.

Yutong with engine start and stop hybrid power vehicle oil-saving effect after all how? In order to know the truth, the reporter visited Zhengzhou, Tianjin, bus companies, field exploration Yutong hybrid effect of fuel-efficient passenger cars.

Come to Tianjin bus group, a " ratio Plastic woods hk, dry, help, super " atmosphere strongly reporter. " Saving a car " activity final just falls next heavy curtain, a race driver to race in the case: " this competition, open was full of Yutong passenger cars. Consists of two groups: a diesel hybrid power, each group of all time high. " In fact, Tianjin bus group in this game did race out of good results, a reporter from the game task group was informed that: " the average fuel consumption of a hundred kilometers, diesel group is 23.596L,Plastic woods make a hybrid with 15.55L, the oil-saving rate more than 34% "

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 regain Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

The lack of talent china lawyers and technology for tea frying, much work for external

As the emerging green tea suitable planting area, Yantai green tea in a good development trend, there are also some difficult questions. Zhang Xiaowei introduces, the national 21 provinces and cities nationwide in 2011 the production of tea, tea crop 1550000 tons, overall in the supply greater than the demand situation. In this context, Yantai green tea to break out, is very difficult.

Tea is a kind of culture,china tax tea is a kind of habit. At present, the domestic tea market, tea, Longjing Pu'er tea, jasmine tea, to occupy a dominant position, area of Shandong tea, green tea, Laoshan tea brand construction already mature. All these requirements, do a good job in the Yantai green tea quality situation, but also from the other side to break out.

Zhang Xiaowei expresses, Yantai tea industry, tea talent shortage and lack of ability of innovation of science and technology more and more problems, is also the Yantai green tea to develop another drawback. At present, our city tea varieties, tea cultivars, and other issues has not formed a unified standard, tea processing technology is also used in Zhejiang, Anhui and the sunshine and the process, and even high-grade tea stir-frying master from Zhejiang area to hire, sales, management, tea building services industry is out of the question, serious obstacle the development of tea industry in Yantai. These will be in henceforth a paragraph of period, pay close attention to and solve, speeding up the industrial development.

Yantai green tea to apply for trademark

Yantai green tea sprouting time is short, green tea plant dispersion, operation order, therefore, wants to break through a tight encirclement, must integrate the city's strength, twist a rope. Zhang Xiaowei introduction, the next step, the city will be unified planning, unified technical guidance, unified cultivation practices, vigorously promote green tea base of cultivation, standardized production, intensive management, brand development, to the end of 2020, green tea planting area will reach more than 50000 acres, will build Yantai into northern important famous green tea production base.

The development prospect of Yantai green tea, all good, but in the brand construction and the trademark registration, has repeatedly " black hand ". " Some GetWord name, such as the Jiaodong green, Longyuan, Qilu snow bud and other trademarks, have been registered by someone else to go ahead, we want to use, must spend a lot of money. " Zhang Xiaowei said, which, in 2009 a Guangdong merchants, took the lead in the business sector will be " green Haiyang " trademark registration, trademark into until the publicity period, was found, and after a long chase process, finally regain. This gives all the tea farmers, tea enterprises a wake, to protect and pay attention to brand.

From the tree brand, from the brand tree, brand protection aspect, the next year, I will focus on strengthening tea market supervision, registration of " green Yantai " trademark, the protection of geographical indications products, started the " Yantai green " brand. At the same time, make full use of various channels, multi-level, multi-faceted publicity to promote the brand, establish a good image of the brand of tea.

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